In 2015 Brilliant Detroit was created to provide a radically new approach to kindergarten readiness in neighborhoods. The idea was to create a unique delivery model in our approach to early childhood development by using underutilized housing stock to create early child and family centers in neighborhoods. Input was gathered and a model that is designed with, for, and by neighbors was built. Brilliant Detroit homes provide holistic services for kids 0-8 predicated on evidence-based programs around health, family support, and education. Brilliant Detroit was born to create kid success neighborhoods. Today, in each location, neighbors come together for fellowship, activities and learning to assure school readiness, and provide needed support for families.


Our role is to fundamentally change lives and assure all kids in each neighborhood have access to the tools to succeed.

What if?

  • Kids read at grade level by third grade.
  • Education, Health and Family Supports were aligned and working in concert for the benefit of our kids and families.
  • Communities led by neighbors had all they needed for kids to be educated, healthy and stable.
  • A central source had contact information for all kids less than eight years of age.

We are:

  • Designed with, for and by neighbors.
  • Centered around families and kids
    In 20 minute walkable areas in a centrally located home.
  • Using existing evidence - based partners to provide supports and assets.
  • Coordinating programs during the critical years of development.

We Will:

  • Increase Kindergarten Readiness.
  • Assure grade level reading by
    third grade.
  • Increase social connectedness.
  • Mobilize neighbors.
  • Stabilize neighborhoods.


  • Dana Thomas

    Zumba changed my life. I heard about a Zumba class from a flyer distributed in my community by Brilliant Detroit. I went there to just exercise. When I got there the doors were open to so much more; parenting workshops, financial , couponing, anger management, cooking classes and the list goes on. I am learning skills and habits that will last me a lifetime. The best part is meeting people who have inspired me to reach for my dreams. They are life changing! Thank you Brilliant Detroit!

  • Leslie Foster

    I like parenting class so I can learn about being a better mother.

  • Ella Moton-Ivy

    We have attended classes here at Brilliant Detroit and we enjoyed it. We appreciate that food is served and that there is a place for the children to play while the adults are attending something of interest. There are quite a few programs and classes that are very informative and useful for the people that live in the community. Brilliant Detroit is amazing and a tremendous help to rebuilding our neighborhood.

  • Esmeralda Torres

    Brilliant Detroit is my home away from home. From being a participant to a staff member, I have been truly blessed to be part of such a force of nature. Brilliant Detroit came to my neighborhood and has left such a beautiful impression on my life and others who live here. It is that wonderful rainbow at the end of a storm. I have been impacted and am so happy to be able to continue to spread the wonders and amazement that will make us happier and healthier adults, children and communities. The enthusiasm Brilliant Detroit has put forth is contagious... Let's keep spreading this.

  • Guillermina García

    I am very grateful and happy for Brilliant Detroit. Their programs help me with my daily life and I learn new skills every time we have class. Thank you for all you do.

  • Martha Jiménez

    I like Brilliant Detroit because it offers us diverse workshops and activities that have helped strengthen me as a mother.

  • Evelyn Alvizar

    For me Brilliant Detroit is a great support and help in the education and care of my twins. It helps me to be a better mother, teaching me with new classes and learning from the experience of other mothers. Also because they offer childcare it gives me time for myself as a person. I learn, I get entertained and get to know great people. The Caregivers are excellent people whom I value so much, I appreciate how well they do their job and I realize this because my twins love to come and share with them. Thank you.

  • Claudia Ramos

    I feel very grateful for Brilliant Detroit and for all the programs offered at this site. I feel comfortable and happy with my teachers, classmates & the staff involved. Thank you!

  • Pateres Rushin

    I truly enjoy Brilliant Detroit. In the beginning I came for the certificate but in the end I have made many friends and gained a support team. I fell in love with the heart of the program because they have showed me not only how to parent but how to be a family. Brilliant Detroit is a program, a friend, a parent support partner.

  • Kenyetta M. Campbell

    Brilliant Detroit is helping our neighbors become connected with each other, and helping them to get what they need for our kids success.


Aaron AppelStewardship Coordinator

Carolyn BellinsonCo-Founder

Jim BellinsonCo-Founder

Bernita BradleyCommunity Engagement Manager

Zak BrattoDigital Coordinator

Larry CharlestonCommunity Engagement Manager

Cindy EggletonCo-Founder and CEO

Crystal HumphriesNeighborhood Engagement Manager

Emma LautSpecial Projects Coordinator

Lulu MagdalenoChildcare Specialist

Migdalia PriceFacilities Manager and Engagement Coordinator

Ramana RobersonNeighborhood Engagement Manager

Esmeralda TorresNeighborhood Engagement Manager

Vanessa VelaCommunity Engagement Coordinator


Jim Bellinson - Chair

Carolyn Bellinson

Cindy Eggleton

Roz Blanck

Erika Bocknek

Michael Brillati

Monica Duncan

Bali Kumar

Maria Montoya

Joyce Suber

Michael Tyson

Jason Velez


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Dara Bellinson

Susan Bellinson

Benzinga – Jason Raznick

Julie and Allen Berman

Dennis Bernard

Friends at Black Family Development

Roz and Stanford Blanck

Amy and Paul Blavin

Mitchell and Michel Bleznak

Blumenstein Family Foundation

Bocknek Family Community Action Foundation

Friends at Bookstock

Christina and Stephan Brillati

Andrea and Joel Brown

Butzel Long Charitable Trust

Chase Bank

Friends at Cambridge Financial

Joanne and John Carter

Friends at Caudill Thornquist Group

Friends at Center for Yoga

Chase Bank – Rick Ellis

Molly and Aaron Chernow

Friends at Clarkston Capital Partners, LLC

Mark Coden

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Michael Collins

Friends at Cranbrook Schools

Cutting Edge Cuisine – Zack Sklar

Jan and Gary Dabkowski

Anita and David Dauch

Margaret and Kirk Davenport

Gretchen and Ethan Davidson

Frances Gross

Ja’net De-Fell and Monica Duncan

Friends at Deloitte

Dembs Development INC – Ryan Dembs

Jacob DeGolish and Kyle Barcy

Friends at Dominion Realty Services, LLC

Friends at DTE Energy

Scott Eisenberg

Wendy and Jeff Eisenshtadt

Renee and Craig Erlich

Terri Farber and Yossie Fleischman

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Nicki and Todd Fink

Phillip Fisher

Catherine and Nathan Forbes

Jennifer and Dan Gilbert

Susan and Robert Gordon

Friends at Grand Valley State University

Lori and Dr. Samuel Gray

Kristen and Carl Gross

HealthRise – Nadine and David Farbman

Terri and Albert Haddad

Jennifer and Brian Hermelin

Leah and Paul Hodges

Friends at Honigman Business Law Firm

Amy Hunter

Friends at Hunter Pasteur Homes Brush Park

Friends at IFF

Ina and Murray Pitt Charitable Trust

Friends at InFaith Community Foundation

The Jamie and Denise Jacob Family Foundation

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Jane James

Katie and Jason Janosz

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The Jewish Community Foundation

Friends at Jewish Federation

Marjorie and Maxwell Jospey Foundation

Patti Kelter and Marc Cohen

Carolyn Kest

Sherri and Jimmy Ketai

Carol Klein

Stacy and Ron Klein

Eric Krause

Erica Lawson

David Leider

Rachel and Jeff Levine

Patricia Lewis

Lisa and Hannan Lis

Martin Manna

Donna and Michael Maddin

Molly and Steven McClelland

Lisa and Brian Meer Foundation

Friends at Metropolitan Children and Youth INC

Friends at Michigan Children’s Hospital Foundation

Mothers’ Center of Birmingham and Bloomfield

Friends at New Order Coffee Roasters

Pam and Richard Nodel

Beatrice and Reymont Paul Foundation

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Marci and Rob Orley

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Friends at Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund

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Zoup! - Amy and Eric Ersher


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Brilliant Detroit is dedicated to building kid success families and neighborhoods where families with children 0-8 have what they need to be school ready, healthy and stable.

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Headquarters Address:
5675 Larkins Street, Detroit, MI 48210



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