For Detroit parents, the past year has been one of significant challenges — and of perseverance. For caregivers working tirelessly to provide their children with educational support during this time, the digital learning environment has presented a number of barriers.

In April 2021, Brilliant Detroit parents participated in a study with New America, a think tank and civic innovation platform that examines a wide range of public policy issues, including early childhood education. The report, titled Learning at Home While Under-Connected, had a number of key findings:

  1. Parents with children who are in virtual schooling are concerned about their social and emotional well-being, ranging from depression to difficulty concentrating to missing their peers.
  2. Parents were able to learn from teachers’ modeling of certain behaviors and engage their children in different activities at home.
  3. Parents reported being “under-connected,” meaning that their internet connection and digital devices had been inconsistent or inadequate for their needs for some period of this past year.

We urge you to take a few minutes out of your day and read their brief on Detroit here. If you’re interested in helping bridge the digital divide with Brilliant Detroit, please email us at

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