We are often asked how we choose a neighborhood. Simple.

The neighborhoods choose us. We only ask that there is enough density of kids,
a community organization we can partner with to set up shop and resources to get started.


Brightmoor - 15509 Heyden St, Detroit, MI 48223 313-483-8896

Brightmoor has the feel of a small town where neighbors know each other and lift their community from the ground up. This grassroots, innovative community is a culturally diverse environment with homegrown art, gardening, and entrepreneurial endeavors. As a Skillman Good Neighborhood, Brightmoor was the target of a ten-year effort of child-focused initiatives. Brightmoor’s biggest asset is its resilient residents, who roll up their sleeves to create community gardens, participate in block clubs and other organizations, transform vacant properties, and utilize the rolling hills and parks to gather together. Neighbors connecting with Brilliant Detroit are already eager to create a pocket park next to our corner house, which they have already designed to include a gazebo, perennial gardens, and more.


Central - Piety Hill 803 Hazelwood Street, Detroit, MI 48202 313-483-8986

History, beauty, and charm depicts Detroit’s Central North End neighborhoods, which have historically been some of the most attractive areas of the city - featuring large homes that are full of character. This neighborhood is constantly evolving, and innovation is welcomed and embraced. Piety Hill neighbors have grit, a spirit of entrepreneurship, and a sense of family. Minutes away from the rapidly developing midtown and downtown areas, neighbors in Piety Hill are determined to transform their own neighborhood according to their terms and their vision.

Cody Rouge - Warrendale

Cody Rouge - Warrendale 7425 Fielding Street, Detroit, MI 48228 313-483-8991

Warrendale is one of Detroit’s largest neighborhoods, lined with small businesses, schools, and resilient neighbors. Brick bungalows and charming yards are common in the area, with neighbors who care about their homes and community. In recent years, Warrendale has faced challenges, and neighbors are proactive in creating change and moving the neighborhood forward through revitalizing efforts, radio patrols to reduce crime, and welcoming the efforts of Brilliant Detroit - not to mention creating urban gardens.


Fitzgerald - 16919 Prairie Street, Detroit, MI 48221C 313-447-0165

With tree-lined streets and community gardens, Fitzgerald lies within the Livernois and McNichols “Live6” corridor, giving community members access to Detroit’s Avenue of Fashion and various shops, art galleries, salons, and restaurants. The Fitzgerald Neighborhood was selected by the City of Detroit for a quarter square mile revitalization project, removing blighted structures, beautifying vacant lots, and creating homes for new residents. Residents of Fitzgerald know each other and form community by sitting on their porches interacting with one another and participating in one of the three block clubs in the area. Brilliant Detroit is excited to join this community in a big new house with turrets that reminds us of a kid’s palace.

Osborn - Mohican-Regent

Osborn - Mohican-Regent 13800 Eastburn Street, Detroit, MI 48205 313-332-1069

Families in the Osborn neighborhood are deeply engaged in making sure their children have everything they need to be successful. Osborn saw a particularly large decrease in children and families over the last 20 years, but despite these losses many neighbors have continued to stand together through a series of block clubs and community organizations. The challenges and ever-present resilience of this neighborhood has attracted numerous revitalization efforts to board up vacant houses, renovate schools, and recognize the vibrant Osborn art scene. In the months prior to acquiring a house in Osborn, Brilliant Detroit worked with a dedicated and passionate group of volunteers who hit the streets everyday, looking for leads on a house that could one day sport the famous orange doors.

Southwest - Chadsey-Condon

Southwest - Chadsey-Condon 5675 Larkins Street, Detroit, MI 48210 313-483-8992

Southwest is one of Detroit’s most culturally-rich and vibrant communities, with strong schools, strong families, and groups of supporters who cater to the needs of children and families. This neighborhood is very welcoming, and though there are some challenges, neighbors work together on solutions and improvements. This location is also the home office for the Brilliant Detroit team, and serves as a hub for a host of programming and pilots to test for network-wide implementation.


Springwells - 9104 Rathbone Street, Detroit, MI 48209 313-483-8668

A neighborhood within the greater Southwest Detroit community, Springwells has its own downtown strip on Vernor and Springwells, where restaurants, shopping, a library, schools, faith-based organizations, and arts groups bring the nearly 17,000 residents together. Public arts projects; parks, such as the anchor Patton Park; and other amenities reflect the spirit and drive of the neighborhood distinct from the larger Southwest Detroit moniker. Brilliant Detroit is settling into a corner house on Rathbone, which had been owned by a family for generations who was eager to see it become the center of a kid success neighborhood.

Dexter Linwood

Dexter Linwood - 2634 Webb St, Detroit, MI 48206 313-466-6269

Located in the heart of the West Side of Detroit, the Dexter-Linwood neighborhood is home to innovative energy grounded by large neighborhood assets and a collection of beautiful, early and mid 20th Century homes and multifamily duplexes. Brilliant Detroit is excited to move in just down the street from the campus of Central High School - Detroit’s oldest high school - and the Life Remodeled Community Innovation Center located in the former Durfee Elementary-Middle School. There is even a tiny home community further to the Southeast of the neighborhood, built to provide alternative affordable housing. While there are vacant homes and buildings, Dexter-Linwood is close to numerous past, present, and future retail corridors and full of second and third-generation homeowners with deep neighborhood pride and resilience.

1. We evaluate and explore a kid success ready neighborhood with community input and survey partner organizations active in the area.

5. We conduct a goal setting meeting with each family so they maintain control of their success and outline the path forward.

2. We invite community members to neighborhood listening sessions to learn what the needs and interests are of the community.

6. We encourage families along their path! Families begin programming and take advantage of services provided by partner organizations based on the goals they set.

3. We accept the call! After being invited into the neighborhood, we renovate a house to make it welcoming and friendly, including adding a community garden and play space.

7. We provide on-site volunteering and social opportunities to active participants and community members.

4. We organize with the community! After renovation, the community helps us organize and invites neighbors to join in the movement.

8. We work with partner organizations to collect data and facilitate a rigorous evaluation to learn the success and opportunities related to the effort.

Brilliant Detroit is dedicated to building kid success families and neighborhoods where families with children 0-8 have what they need to be school ready, healthy and stable.

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