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This event finished on 26 March 2020

Brilliant Detroit is excited to offer you the chance to enroll in a program called 313 Speaks.

We are using LENA technology and curriculum to offer this great playgroup program.
313 Speaks will help you learn more about your child’s daily language experience, and how talking with your child supports brain development and builds vocabulary. You all are already doing some of these things by reading to them and communicating with them about your daily experiences.

If you choose to sign up, you will receive reports on the amount of “talk” your child experiences in a typical day. You will also learn tips to help you talk more and increase conversational turns
back and forth interactions — with your child. We’ll focus especially on the time you are already spending with him/her, like diaper or clothing changes and play times.

We will meet for 8 weeks for a play group. Our time together will include first open play time
where you can interact with your children and practice using the skills you learn. We will then
have circle time where we will read a story, sing and dance. We will have a snack and learn
some talking tips and then we will have a creative play time. We ask that while at the play
group you leave your phone off and put away as it is a distraction. Each class you will receive
some handouts as well as a book to take home and share with your child.

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Brilliant Detroit is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to building kid success families and neighborhoods where families with children 0-8 have what they need to be school-ready, healthy, and stable.

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