5675 Larkins Street, Detroit, MI 48210
Contact: 313-483-8992

Brightmoor Brilliant Site:
15509 Heyden, Detroit, MI 48223
Contact: 313-483-8896

Central Detroit Brilliant Site:
803 Hazelwood, Detroit, MI 48202
Contact: 313-483-8986

Cody Rouge Brilliant Site:
7425 Fielding, Detroit, MI 48228
Contact: 313-483-8991

Fitzgerald Brilliant Site:
16919 Prairie, Detroit, MI 48221

Osborn Brilliant Site:
13800 Eastburn Street, Detroit, MI 48205
Contact: 313-332-1069

Springwells Brilliant Site:
9104 Rathbone, Detroit, MI 48209
Contact: 313-483-8668


Available Job Positions

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Below you can find descriptions of our current open staff positions. If you are interested in applying, please send an email expressing your interest to or call 313-483-8992.

In the email, please include your full name, what job you are interested in, and how to best contact you.

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